Hailo Launches In Dublin

Hailo is very pleased to announce that we are now up and running in Dublin. This is our second city to go live and our first outside the UK, so it represents a real milestone for us. 

So far the response from passengers and drivers has been incredible and the coverage in the local media has given our Dublin launch a real lift.

The result is that Hailo Dublin is already the most downloaded Free Travel app in Irish iTunes and is number 2 among all free apps. Amazing.

The 'Multi-City' Taxi Experience

This is good news for our London passengers as they can now receive the same great taxi experience when travelling to the Irish capital. Step off your plane and into your awaiting Hailo cab.

Same app. Same two taps. Same seamless payments.

Similarly, Dubliners visiting London will be able to glide past all the complex and confusing private hire options and just tap to get a safe, licensed black taxi without having to queue in the rain or scramble to find the right currency.

If you have friends or colleagues in Dublin, please feel free to point them our free download via the Irish iTunes Store or Google Play pages or to the Hailo Dublin website. Our hundreds of Dublin drivers, lead by super-cabbies Dermot, Bill and David look forward to helping you get around on your next visit!

Do you think you'll find the Hailo "multi-city" experience helpful? What new Hailo city would help you most?

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