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On the 29th of August of this year we introduced the Hailo Cancellation Policy which is intended increase fairness and accountability for Hailo customers and drivers alike.

For the past few months we have included messages in the app about the imminent introduction of Cancellation Fees. Charges for late cancels go live on Tuesday, November 27th. Cancellation Fees are designed to encourage fair use and you will never be charged without being given notice.

As such, the Cancellation Policy will come into effect at Tuesday, November 27, 2012.

Policy Reminder

The Cancellation Policy introduces a Cancellation Fee of £5 to discourage the small number of our customers who cancel Hailo taxis late and without a good reason. Late cancels are of course frustrating to drivers already en route to the requested location (and passing up other work to do so) and result in fewer available cabs for the rest of us.

All cancellation fees go straight to the driver - Hailo doesn’t make a penny - and means we can continue to provide our customers with taxis in under 2 minutes on average across Central London.

You’re In Control

We recognise that life has a habit of changing quickly and our customers can still cancel their taxi without incurring a charge in several different situations:

  • When you cancel before your taxi has been confirmed
  • When you change your mind and cancel within one minute of your taxi being confirmed
  • When your taxi doesn’t arrive within 3 minutes of the ETA first displayed upon confirmation
  • When you and your driver both agree to cancel (ideally by phone call and as early as possible)

The Hailo app gives advance in-app warning to allow our passengers to change their mind before proceeding with a late cancellation.

Where possible, we encourage our passengers to tap the call button to contact their driver directly prior to cancelling as this tends to resolve most misunderstandings.

Fairness For Passengers & Drivers

if your taxi has been confirmed but you want to change your mind, for whatever reason, we give you one minute to do so - no quibbles, no charge.

Additionally, there are times when a driver gets stuck in traffic and takes much longer to reach you than we first anticipated. Of course, when we can’t deliver on our promises, we don’t think it’s fair you pay a Cancellation Fee.

But should a passenger, for example, choose to jump in another cab before their confirmed Hailo driver arrives, we think it’s only fair that they pay a Cancellation Fee.

Likewise, on the rare occasion a driver cancels without a good reason, we have a compliance procedure that could ultimately see them removed from Hailo.

Together we are making the Hailo Community more respectful and fair for everyone.

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