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New York is the city so good they named it twice and,  just like London black cabs, their yellow cabs are global icons and true symbols of their city.

That's why we're very excited about the recent decision taken by the NYC transport regulators to allow a 1 year trial to let New Yorkers experience the ease and convenience of using Hailo.

And Our New York Launch Is Coming Soon!

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If you have friends, family or colleagues in The Big Apple please let them know about our Founding Passengers Program which gives everyone who pre-registers access to exclusive benefits, including free taxi credits.

To get started, they simply need to enter their email on the Hailo NYC homepage:

New York will be the first of many new city launches this year and naturally your one Hailo Account will work in them all.

Does the prospect of instant, cashless taxis (and handy email receipts) at international destinations sound useful?

Let us know in the comments below.

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