MBTA Riders Wants Late Night Service; Hailo is the ‘App for Gap’

The MBTA’s survey released today finding that late-night riders overwhelmingly want service to continue into the early morning hours is not surprising and confirms the results from a study that Hailo, the world’s largest e-hailing  taxi app, completed this week.

Drawing on data from its app users around the globe, we compared this city to London, Dublin, Toronto and Chicago, and found that Boston cab patterns stood out for a spike in rides between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. on weekends, when bars and other entertainment venues close. We call this time period the ‘transit gap.’ No other city showed such a surge in cab traffic at any time during the week, confirming the need for service after the T closes. The MBTA shuts down earlier than any of the above cities’ public transit systems. The result is many people trying to get home, competing for a limited number of Boston cabs.


What's Your View?

We would love to hear your stories about how difficult it can be to find a cab in the early morning hours or get home after the T closes. We’ll be tweeting about it at #WhyIMindTheGap. Follow us @HailoBoston or on Facebook. Share your stories. The most creative tales will win Hailo credits.

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