Hailo and Citymapper join forces - more jobs for taxi drivers

 Hailomapper 1

We're really pleased to tell you that Hailo has partnered up with Citymapper to allow their users to instantly book and pay for a Hailo taxi.

Available across London and five other Citymapper cities, the app gives the option to book and pay for travel.

Citymapper also requires passengers to put in their destination, creating more Going Home jobs for Hailo taxi drivers. Citymapper has a huge number of customers in London which can only mean more jobs for taxis.

Here’s what Citymapper’s General Manager, Omid Ashtari had to say: “Adding Hailo as a next step is one of the top requests that we have heard from users. We’re particularly excited that Citymapper’s ‘knowledge’ can be combined with ‘the knowledge’ from black cab drivers in several cities to truly empower users.”

The screenshot below shows how customers can tap “Get a Hailo” to be taken straight through to the Hailo app and the booking screen. Note: the black cab estimate price shown doesn’t relate to the Hailo button and is generated by Citymapper and TfL. When a customer taps through to Hailo, the price of a taxi ride is determined by the meter.

Citymapper Screenshot

And finally….free tickets available to the theatre

Bakersfield Mist 

Have a night out on Hailo. We are giving away tickets to see the new play Bakersfield Mist. Written by Stephen Sachs, the play asks vital questions about what makes art and people truly authentic. We’re offering 25 pairs of tickets each day until Saturday 26th July. Starring Kathleen Turner & Ian McDiarmid, Bakersfield Mist runs at the Duchess Theatre on Catherine Street. Shows start at 7.30pm and matinees are on Thursday 24 and Saturday 26, starting at 3pm.

It will be first come first serve basis so please fill out this form to claim your pair of tickets. A confirmation email will be sent to you with details on how to pick up your tickets at the box office.

One pair of tickets per Hailo driver. Drivers can not go to multiple viewings. Only 25 pairs of tickets available each day until 26 July.

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