Say Hello to Hailo

Hailo is a free smartphone app that helps yellow cab drivers make more money per shift. Thousands of London cab drivers are using Hailo to get up to 30% more fares per day and make their shifts easier. Now, we're bringing the app to NYC.

Hailo has three key features to improve your day:

  • Fares - Hailo lets passengers hail cabs with their smartphones. Your Hailo app will tell you when a nearby passenger has hailed you. Tap once to claim the fare and pick up the passenger. You find fares faster, and customers are happier.
  • Auto-Pay - Passengers pay instantly on arrival, right from their smartphones. They can jump out of the cab as soon as you reach their destination, and you get an instant email receipt to confirm payment. This also makes Hailo fares more secure: we pre-authorize passengers' cards before every trip and guarantee payment, so you don't have to worry about a passenger's card getting declined. And since each passenger has a card on file, you still get paid even if a passenger hails and doesn't show up.
  • Alerts - Get real-time info about traffic and demand from Hailo's traffic intelligence network. Drivers can also add their own Alerts and share expert knowledge with each other in real time. If you see a big concert letting at Lincoln Center, create a Crowd Alert. If you see a traffic jam, create a Traffic Alert.
If you want to learn more about Hailo's features and how to help bring Hailo to your fellow cab drivers -- and get paid -- please get in touch.

Call or text: 347-674-4242


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