Get points off your license with Hailo

Def Driv

Hailo is here to help reduce points on your driving record.

We are now offering FREE 6-hour defensive driving courses twice a month at the Hailo Driver Community Center.

Completing this course with Hailo can lead to up to 4 points removed from your driving record (as well as a possible 10% discount on your car insurance). The course is offered through the New York Safety Program (NYSP), a DMV- and TLC-recognized provider.

Sign up for Hailo's FREE defensive driving course here:

The course is for verified Hailo drivers onlyClick here to see how to get verified, or stop by the Driver Center for 15 minutes and we'll walk you through the steps. As soon as you're verified, you'll be able to sign up the next course!

Driver Community Center Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9AM - Midnight

Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 9AM - 6PM


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