Special POB contest - win $200 in one day

Are you the best Hailo driver on the network? Prove it by Going POB (Passenger On Board) for every fare you pick up between the hours of 12pm - 5pm TODAY, February 1st. The driver who goes POB the most wins $200!

Here's how to win:

  1. Go ON DUTY at the beginning of your shift.
  2. Every time you pick up a fare, Go POB.
  3. Make sure to tap Take Payment at the end of each trip.

UPDATE 2/4/2013: We have a winner!

Congratulations to H. Islam, the winner of the POB contest!  In addition to the $200 prize, we also gave $15 to each of the top 5 runners-up. Hmd is now the reigning POB champion. The next time we have a POB competition, maybe you'll be able to take the throne.

H Islam

H. Islam (left) claims his prize from Abdoul at the Driver Office

Thanks to all the drivers who participated. We hope you continue to enjoy using Hailo!

(For the fine print, read our Terms and Conditions.)

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